please spring stay away


OK. I know I am the minority is not wishing for spring. It gives me the (aing-zitty) as my dad calls it. I don’t know really why sometimes but the more it snows the better I feel. Opposite of SAD, with the seasons that is. The higher the drift the better. I kinda like driving down my street seeing the mini mountains of snow, wondering how much higher they can get. I giggle every time they report of more snow….yes yes yes. When I see the drift going over the fences now that is the best. When the white out conditions come I feel joy. The spree of blizzards and cold weather were making me giddy. I kept saying to myself….I wonder how much colder can it get? Like it was crazy to be outside, but when the weather man says its -65 with wind chill its kinda exciting right? I always think….hmm can we get to -80 then? Another thing about winter is most people have a little blah to them, and generally that’s how I prefer people. Just a tip off your cheeriness does me well. People are sweet little hermits in winter. How fast can you get in the door and close the garage door? Dark at 4pm well I don’t mind if I do:) The interstates are closing? Fabulous. Recommending no travel? Awesome? 2 hours late again? Okay that one is getting old since middle school then starts at 11!! Blowing snow? Thank you. Poor visibility? Yes please. Frost bite in 2 minutes, now that’s fascinating. Ok- I might start upsetting people. Its not like I enjoy winter activities or anything either. Cross country skiing nearly killed me, downhill skiing hurts my shins and I just can’t relax, tubing well how many times can you tube down a hill and hit your butt. I did shovel out a little cave for Nolan and I and well that was fun. Mostly, I am inside looking out at the cold and snow and for that I am grateful. I’ll end my winter excitement with…..looking outside and all is quiet when the snow flies. The best noise, its like life on mute, sounds amazing right? well thats most of winter-quiet…

I start to get the ang-zitty now that March is approaching. Lion, Lamb, what is it going to be. And yes, I hope for lion coming in and lion going out. Ha. Big surprise. The melt that will eventually come is ugly. Everything is slushy and brown outside. The little ones are playing outside (just kidding, I love watching when kids play in any season….not in a creepy way), the dog area becomes poop soup which I am responsible for, the paws that come in are wet and dirty, gravel enters the house, uhhh. Please winter come back.

I don’t know why Spring is so hard. I mean not like so hard, but I really don’t like it when it comes, and most people are beyond giddy that its nice outside. “isn’t it so nice out”? it feels so good! Fine it does-but can we please stop loving it so much…signed the grinch of spring.

I would get into my feelings of summer and fall which are quite mixed but I will leave that for another day. Baseball, camping, patios, Yes these are amazing.


Now, I know most will assume that I wouldn’t like Winter so much if I had to help in the snow removal. Well, I have helped,but, mostly this winter its all needed the snowblower. The snowblower apparently gets stuck in drive sometimes and Brent really doesn’t want me running into the garage door or his little bug so Im playing it safe rather than sorry. With that though Ive helped clear snow at our flip house…why I am explaining myself to you. Dumb.