I have never made a goal


This picture has nothing to do with the topic, I just like it.

I am not sure why this is, or where i would start if I made a goal. I guess I try for things here and there but if I don’t succeed i don’t feel like I didn’t reach my goal. Maybe goals would give me more direction in life or they would become a distraction on just living…I don’t know. It does sound lazy and maybe overall that is the problema. A goal in parenting? hmmm how about to keep them alive and to teach them how to treat others. What else is there? or maybe I could make a goal of…..I am stumped. I think the goal people have something they are trying to get of course. Grow a company, make more cash, lose weight, etc. Do some people not want to grow a company? Oh yes, there we are. Content with the 2 of us. Yes. not wanting employees ummm yes. Keep it simple as long as it satisfies what you need. Isn’t that ok? or maybe not just ok because most people have a list of stuff they are working towards.

I have a goal of working 830-3 when we paint. If we aren’t done, I leave anyway to make sure I keep my goal. Besides,  we have to come back tomorrow right? I have a goal of taking proper breaks during the day. A moment to scan the fb to make sure I am up to date with others lives. Plus, I have to sit down and drink coffee for a few minutes with nothing else going on.

Go getters have goals, people that want to make a difference or bring change to something…they have goals. How about this? Awhile ago I called the school to ask what they are doing about the vaping that is happening in the school. Like how is this happening? There is one bathroom for every grade in the middle school. That means around 500 kids throughout the day would potentially use the ban Yo…on one floor. If vaping is happening so much in the bathroom why isn’t something being done about it? Yes, a hall monitor is there, but can’t be in one place all the time….which is understandable.But they know the common place. Get a bathroom monitor right? Yes, extra money but seriously these are young teens vaping….seems important to me. Now the goal part. I could make it a goal to make this something that will happen. Go to meetings, put in requests, write letters to the important people, call everyday, etc. Then i find that this is not me, and the problem continues ( I do know the school is actively trying to do something, even though i don’t know what they are actually doing.) So, instead I do what most parents do. Acknowledge the issue in school and educate your kids as best as we can as to why they shouldn’t vape……ugh. Tell your son to avoid the temptation, even though its happening right behind the door, oh and hold your pee cause you don’t want to be guilty by association. Seriously…..well maybe I should tackle that goal of improving the school and trying our best to keep illegal business out of it. As I am writing this I see a real goal being formed. It isn’t me to be so assertive to the school, but why not? what holds me back? Failure? um  I believe I do that every day. Im human and normal, well mostly normal. Motivation, that must be a component as well. My motivation at its best is low to very low. Its always been that way. Maybe that is why I loathe exercising more than anything. Id rather eat lettuce all day than work out, Im fine with lanky arms with no muscle! What do I need muscles for when I have the strongest husband on earth:) Oh right, to be healthy and live longer….no thank you. Im ready for Jesus at all times.

My goals for today

Do laundry, clean kitchen, shower (a chore), work on my puzzle maybe, enjoy the time off with my boys, brush teeth….hmmm. oh and to avoid the nutella which I successfully did for 16 days. Last night I had a cut up banana soaked in nutella and well Brent was shocked to see how heaped my pile was…..I explained, each piece needs a lot. Well a full day ahead….