about me. where do I start? I am just some mom wanting to clear her head of busyness. Maybe along the way someone can relate.

It is life with mental illness covered by a hearty layer of faith. I don’t know how I could live or have any kind of peace without my faith.

I am stubborn and like to go against the grain, which clashes with Christianity….but its more of a personality thing.

I don’t understand trends and are generally frustrated with Americans as a whole. Our priorities are mostly selfish which is backwards to how I want and try to live…most of the time ( i do like a new sweater, and a new rug, even though I already have both)

I feel most comfortable in 3rd world countries. They have zero time or space for materialism and a nice big chunk of life open to connecting to other people, their faith is something to be seen and felt. Our most memorable times are with people and the fun we had together, no really any of the crap added to it.They truly have their priorities prioritized.

As you can read, I am full of opinions and I need to get my words out, so here I write.