heart stuff and the rage on math



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I might as well write in my state of lingo. Life is too fast, and things change so quick that well i better record something. Life is at the moment slow (usually not the case), Brent is recovering from shoulder surgery ( try to say that 5 times fast), so I get a 3 month vacay from work! Woohoo!

Where to start….with all this time off my mind likes to think more than it should. I start questioning things, reevaluating life, thinking more about why I am here and how on earth do I get this parenting thing down….add on a marriage of almost 19 years, that takes a lot of headspace to make that shine. I realize again how much we are blessed and how I want to teach the boys to really see this and understand this. A life in a positive perspective is a different life, one I want them to see life with. One of the things that keeps popping into my head is getting back into foster care. I don’t know why really because that was probably the hardest 3 years of my life. I was a mental wreck inside with all the love you give and the goodbyes that continually happen. I feel like I missed 3 full years of my kids grow while we were busy with the foster kids. I saw them the same amount but it wasn’t the same…blah blah blah that’s a long conversation. So why now? I know in my smart side of my brain that it cannot happen as it makes for an unhealthy mom which is not ok and your own family unit will crumble. Respite care? Maybe start there…a small chunk here and there giving other foster families a break but also willing to take on kids in the middle of the night if the situation arrises. The problem is my heart aches for these kids yet I am not at my best self with helping. I signed up for the Big Sister program hoping that will satisfy and will be a good fit for our life. I am kinda excited to meet the little or older girl! We can do girl things maybe…..hopefully, we will see who I am matched with. So theres one situation that my brain chews on if there is such a thing.

Another little section or medium section is school. Oh how school has so many different things to look at and understand. Our boys couldn’t be more opposite in most ways, including school. I don’t expect schools to cater to different kinds of kids and personalities but when you have one that doesn’t meet the mold of sitting in a desk and listening for more than 3 minutes it becomes something you think about. I love our school and am very grateful for the services they do offer and accomadations they do make. With this though its still hard, very hard. I wish there were schools where you could learn a radically different way….instead of the small bits of  hands on classes which provide time to move, but it just isn’t enough. I don’t expect anything to be different, it just an opinion and observation.

I do have a question and I welcome any answer or opinion. Why do kids have to learn like crazy advanced algebra? WHY? Unless you are becoming something that requires such math why would they be teaching our kids this? I firmly believe its not about the algebra but what goes into it that they are trying to teach…..how to concentrate, problem solve, work in groups, respect authority, all great things but why in the form of math like this? We are teaching all the kids something that maybe 3% will use. Why? Now, go ahead and correct me on this and tell me there is more people that use these 9 step problems in their career?Maybe I don’t know…after all I am just a painter! Why aren’t we teaching kids things like, how to be a good citizen, how to treat others, appropriate ways to talk to others, how to be a good samaritan, etc. Like that is what they actually need in any career or job they will have. Those are the things that happen everyday with everyone. I understand why they teach reading, writing, and history. You should learn how to read, and write because that is everywhere! History is good too, you should geographically know where you are on a map, what surrounds you, how the countries each started, etc. Now details of the battle of whatever how is that important? We need to learn why they went to war, how things changed, and how can we do it differently or improve if and when it comes up again. Now Science…..other than understanding gravity, action/reaction, how things are made (creation, well now that would be off limits of course), and figuring out disease stuff, why are we learning about the genetic makeup of a rat? Like why? ok as Im writing science is more important than I thought…the thing that angers me if how creation isn’t even taught as a theory anymore? all this evolution darwin crap…..do you know before Darwin died he recanted his theory? Now no ones know if this is absolute truth but Darwin himself, but it is interesting. Now I put my faith out there mixed with the school system. Im ignorant on so many things, maybe all this included…..but in real life do we need to learn how to treat each other properly or how to solve a 9 step algebra problem. The result is frustrated kids always struggling to learn this or a good handful that now they know all this can now……figure out what? Barf.

Well I have written too long- FYI this all is my own perspective which I acknowledge is partly ignorant. It just comes from a mom who didn’t win in that math department either and watches kids get bent out of shape on math they never need.

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  1. You should raise nolan in the forest…for real. All the movies/TV make it look just ideal 😉

    On Tue., Feb. 25, 2020, 11:27 a.m. I’m just some mom and here are my thoughts, wrote:

    > sarah giddings posted: ” I might as well write in my state of lingo. > Life is too fast, and things change so quick that well i better record > something. Life is at the moment slow (usually not the case), Brent is > recovering from shoulder surgery ( try to say that ” >


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