a day off and Im left with my thoughts….


Good gravy-my brain is going to burst. I need to get them out. They have somehow piled on top of each other and need space.

having a day off is dangerous. I will either end up at Home Goods or I will clean my house due to the neglect it is receiving. Today, it was the least expensive of the two.

currently we have carpet in our family room. This is nasty sauce. All I can think of is what is underneath all those pieces of thread. Vacuuming gives no relief as no vacuum can possibly pull out everything. What am I laying in while playing with Russ? Like dog farts and toenails maybe. Gross. I am eager to get none carpet floors in.

we just finished watching the Handmaids Tale- so twisted, but I can’t help thinking of the writer that seriously has some talent. Like how do you think of this stuff? Gilead is messed up.

Nolan wears the same sweatshirt everyday to school despite having more than one. He likes the feel of it, but can’t he change it up? and why does it bother me? I do like his presentation every morning when he comes up. What fantastic combo or shorts, shirt and socks will it be today. They truly are unique.  You might see the shirt before the sweatshirt takes hold.

Both boys have told us our newly painted walls look like an asylum, Like they would know what that looks like? I went along with it and said yes, that’s what we are aiming for, asylum. we are slowly turning the whole house white and sterile.

i feel really guilty not taking russ on walks in this temp. Its freezing and Im like no.

Does anyone have tracers? like from damage done years ago? weird-neither do i. weird black shadows that I never do see.

Has my choice in TV shows given me the habit of looking over my shoulder? Anxiety in its finest form.

all this cbd crap- its all in your head. But I am a user since well i am a sucker too for the latest and greatest.  (my opinion people)

There is a study to support anything you believe to be true.. IE coffee gives you cancer, coffee is bad for you, coffee stunts your growth, coffee drinkers are happier, coffee is good for your body in new ways……blah blah blah. A new study shows…….blah

I need a haircut super bad. Will I ever get the point where i want to style my hair or ever dry it after a shower.  I am like a boy who combs his wet hair and off he goes.

If I forget to put concealer on my boys get concerned and ask me if I have been crying.  Yikes, Its that bad huh?

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs. They need to be paid more. They are taking care of our kids for crying out loud. Trying to teach them and give them an education that they do need…..or its a social experiment which is fine too because there is no better place to learn social skills than a classroom.

I still haven’t brushed my teeth, They are furry. Gross. Furry is a yucky word. I will brush them shortly.

How often are you supposed to wash bedding? Its a long process, like 3 loads per bed. I can’t do it- maybe once a month I get to it? I smell my kids and they smell like old spice so all is well right?

sometimes i let the dishes add up. when will i learn this is never a good idea.

we bought 4 gallons of ice cream for an ice cream social that was rained out.  We have been eating a lot of ice cream because well it needs to be eaten.

I wish we could eat cereal and toast every night for dinner. no planning, no fuss, cheap. Or the same dinner. Making meals is my #1 stressor. I know how to do it, i just don’t like it. I will clean your bathroom if you make my dinner. For real. I’ll even scrub your tub which always hurts the ribs.

I can’t imagine life without my church. My bffs are all there, my community, my comfort, This is the place I found God so I like it a lot.

by now this post is long so i’ll stop. Besides my nachos are gone and I have to pee.

1 thought on “a day off and Im left with my thoughts….

  1. I love reading your Blog Sara!Keep up the fight . Every phase of life has its challenges. Today I was blest to make a nice chicken & rice dish for Abe & Sylvia , who are here from Belize for Loris oldest sons wedding tomorrow . They grow up sooo fast! Ps. Wish I could bring you a meal!

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