professional sports $$$$




Injustices of this world. There are many. Some I can look beyond, some make me think, some drive me, and some irritate me.


Its more and more apparent that attending pro sports games for our family will be a rarity.  And why? Yes, these are the best pro athletes but why so much $. It is a disgrace that a family of four would pay at least a few hundred dollars to enjoy one 2 hour game,Well that limits about 1% that are able to attend, not to mention the $74 pretzel and the $69 coke,oh and jimmy needs the souvenir cup with lemonade in it….a cool $89. No biggie. We will drink the lemonade and love the cup for about a year which will then get tossed in the donate bin, or most likely garbage.

I have been to my fair lucky share of pro games. Growing up we had Winnipeg Jets season tickets and we have frequented the MN Twins a number of times. Its a great show, and entertaining, but why so much $.

Then, most recently, the football player Kirk Cousins contract. A 3 year $84 million contract.What? Why? like 80 million wasn’t enough….he needed 4 more. INJUSTICE.Does he deserve it? Sure, why not? He is working his tail off Im sure and will hopefully produce some amazing wins for the team. I mean that is definitely worth $84 million, I mean that is a lot of hits he will take, not to mention the pressure he will have. $84 million is probably the right amount….SAID NO ONE EVER.

I know some could care less and some never think about it…..but does everyone realize the amount of money they give one man could feed millions in the world? I am pretty sure if a few hungry kids walked across the field and up to Kirk Cousins( I’m only picking on him,cause its the latest), explained their situation he would help them out. I mean if he has a heart, which I am sure he does. It has to be on our doorstep to realize and acknowledge a need. Stats are eye rolled away not realizing these are actual people.

ANYWAY…=rabbit trail.

So much $$. I do wonder how my $200 ticket money is used. How much to the building? How much to the team? Now, I don’t want to point fingers at anyone here, as I would love  to see the Vikings on the field….well not love, but I wouldn’t say no to a ticket.

A fun idea to take the boys to a JETS game. 4 tickets please? That will be $400, plus you get to be in the back row. Hmmmm i’ll watch mini figures skate around to kind of see the game, most though will be watched on the big screen. But wait? $400 buys you, 4 plastic seats,strangers to sit by, an automatic flushing  public toilet with long lines, and the opportunity to spend mega bucks for a bag of chips. Why yes, Its the experience after all, nothing like being AT the game, A Part of the crowd.

With my little knowledge of how it all works, and with the countless players that share their wealth, overall it seems like the scale is tipped too many millions. Its too bad, I don’t understand the excess. Maybe…there is a good explanation that would change my perspective….because I do have little knowledge about the topic….just what I see and hear from the sports news analyst in our home, aka Miles.

My main itch is the impossible cost for a average fam to go to a game. Seriously. And the players salary, like that can make any sense.

For my pro sport live watching friends (i have a lot of you), I love you. This has nothing to do with you. You are blessed if you can attend these events…I mean they are fun! $15 licorice yes please.