consumerism at its finest


I wasn’t going to participate initially with the announcement of Sams Club closing. Participate in the wide long line of people waiting to get in the store.The news of the 50% off the whole store though made my brain light up like any good money saving consumer. I drove by a few times looking at the massive line, and kept saying no way. I finally caved and saw people coming out with cartfuls of good stuff. Well, if I was going to buy the usuals anyway, I suppose standing in line wouldn’t be so bad if I could save a chunk of money. I went and stood in line with others with my trusty cart by my side. At this time the line was moving fast enough, I was outside waiting for like 20-25 min…

And then I entered! Way too many endorphins going off just for stuff! I enjoyed watching others put things in their cart, judging kindly of course. Hmmm, at what point do you buy it cause its soooooo much cheaper, or stick to your guns and buy what you normally would. I must say it was very exciting to fill my cart with beef jerky, sensodyne toothpaste, nuts, honey, all things that are so expensive. Those darn almonds! Look at my savings I told myself, so much for half the price. I leisurely looked at the “stuff” in the store, furniture, tech stuff, sheets, and pondered putting it my cart. Nope. Today I could say no. I circled around the aisles over and over jut enjoying looking at the items that were left….. I saw one lady grab the last Under Armour backpack……crap, I wanted that!! I eyed her and waited for her to put it down, since she was trying to decide. Good gravy I almost said “hey if you don’t want that, I’ll take it”. Savage consumer strikes again. She walked away and i was upset….I wanted that backpack. Do I need a backpack? No. How many do we have in the house? About 6. aha, all I wanted to do is replace my perfecting working backpack for a newer one. Oh so nice and new, but not today….she just walked away with it. What was the point? Do we overly consume or what? I think often if we only shopped for what we needed…pretty sure most stores would be out of business. FYI- I know we need businesses for jobs and blah blah blah but Im not talking about that.

I have been perusing stores for the last month looking for a new rug for our living room. Why? the hunt, the shopping, the relaxation, and well because WE NEED a new rug. What a lie. As I put my rug idea in the back of the brain it turns to art. Well we just made this new table, now we need some sweet art to go with it. A perfect picture with accents of red. As I read this back to myself, I can laugh at how pathetic this is……Clearly I have way too much time on my hands, when I am not the “head roller” of our painting co.

Then the consumer guilt, if there is such a thing….I think to the mission trips I have been on and the minimal “stuff” they have. If they have a rug, they wouldn’t ever replace it, I mean they have one, why a new one? I start thinking more, seriously what are our needs and what have we put into the needs column that are really just wants. A LOT. Its a temporary high of looking at your item, enjoying it, getting compliments on it, taking pics of it……how many weeks later it starts all over again with ooooohhhh I want that, I like it, ┬ádo I need it no? but it satisfies something in me. I know full well how to get lasting satisfaction and contentment and I try to stay on that road, but over and over I end up with the temporary satisfiers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a new table, new jeans, crap for my kids, but oh how it adds unwanted things as well. Overwhelming crap and everybody has too much of it. its distracting, time consuming, and we are never done.

FYI-this is, as usual, not judging the big consumer, for I am often one of them. I often can talk myself out of it, but soon after it creeps up and I NEED some cute decor in my kitchen! ha! Its a mentally draining thing to do, but yes who doesn’t like a nice clean home with a side or two of awesome stuff. Ok, Gotta go find that rug!