just snow already

I have been waiting for snow. Our snow levels have been extremely lame for the last 4 years. Its cold and windy, you might as well have it be pretty with snow. I am annoying peering out my window to make sure its still snowing, yes! still is! The more snow there is the better. We are supposedly getting a few inches of snow today, and Im praying that the forecasters could be right this time, last time there was supposed to be a “blizzard” and it didn’t happen. I was mad about it, not joking. I have found the worse the weather the happier I am. Something about snuggling inside and watching the weather is weirdly calming. So….with that…..please SNOW! And i know most people hate it and with it their driving is harder, they have to shovel, ….blah blah blah, i don’t care. Its worth it. And yes, I do participate in the harder driving and the clearing of the snow.

I had a challenge yesterday as I was shopping for a few things….just say Merry Christmas when you check out…..and FAIL. I had atleast 5 opportunities and nope I couldn’t do it. Im laughing at myself and how pathetic this is. My doctor even took my hand at the end of the appointment and said “Merry Christmas”, and Im like “U2”. That one was set up perfectly and still nada.  I wonder with my challenges and why I even give them to myself? I think I know I am capable of being more personal and social with strangers….its in me somewhere. It will happen the same day I raise my hands in church! Ha!

Giddy Up-these things make me super pumped and excited.

  1. I bought a cube organizer thing for Nolans crap in his room. I can’t wait to put it together and for the millionth time organize his junk. His junk is near and dear to him and I would never want to throw away a special piece of rope, or a mini eraser, or even worse a concoction that has been marinating in a some container.
  2. I am going to stuff my puzzle table somewhere in this house and I am going to start a puzzle. My favorite winter thing eva.
  3. A clean kitchen counter, like not a crumb and when you look at it at eye level you cannot see a thing….that kind of clean.
  4. Vacuum lines-need I say more
  5. Christmas Carols-the older the better. Bing Crosby to Mariah I love it. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t like them.
  6. Last-mowing the lawn-ahhhhh the lines, the short cut grass. I will get cranky if Brent does it and doesn’t let me do it.

Grrr-these things make me go mental

  1. living room blankets left on the floor, ahem which they always are. I don’t understand why you cannot just throw them on the couch.
  2. Talking/arguing news channels, the ones with the split screen where two people are disagreeing and both making their points AT THE SAME TIME. It feels like there are more people in my house, and I end up shushing everyone.
  3. watching a child clean up a liquid mess. I watch them closely and they never do the cloth justice by how they “rinse” it out, you can see the left over splatters sitting there.
  4. people that stand too close. Why? i can smell you being that close. I feel like your touching me, just move…my bubble is big, can you not see that?
  5. showers-like today is a shower day which means yesterday I didn’t so today I have too. I drag it out as long as I can…..unless I am going somewhere. I will clean for hours to put off showering. The whole process takes me less than 5 minutes, so once again no comprehendo.
  6. tv commercials-why is everyone yelling? once I can get the mute button pressed I feel like I can breathe again.
  7. nuisance things like going to the bathroom. Do I really need to get up again? clearly I am passed the little ones age when there are way more things that are a nuisance.


Mother TeRESA  is it still snowing!!!!!