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add to the list

I will listen to Oh Holy Night for many times in a row….just by a different artist. One day I will sound like Celion. fffaaaaaaaaaalllll on your kneeeeeees

why is it still hard to look someone in the eye? I mean a whole conversation is brutal. Ive tried not impulsively look away it just happens. I feel too exposed when the contact has lasted too long. So stop looking me in the eye the whole time. I haven’t grown up yet.

Handshakes-I have gotten some weird ones over the years. I don’t remember  when my last handshake was but i do remember the weird ones….his hand was all limp and not formed and just weird. Then i wonder what my handshake feels like…..most of the time i feel squeezed by the handshaker.

I have an oversensitive sniffer. I smell everything. If there is a smell that is nasty I must find it and get rid of it or go away from it. I will not stop until this is accomplished. No conversation can happen until the smell is taken care of.

fingernails-do people know they have dirty fingernails? do they but they don’t care? Its like jammed germs hanging on to your fingers. Then i picture them preparing food and I oh gross yuck….oh how about men with long fingernails? What? and why? they are so distracting and icky. Girls only. Barf.

Mullets-every time I see one I pause and ponder…..are they aware that their haircut is a mullet? Do they know people make fun of that cut and always will. Are they confident in their mullet and love the style of business up front, party in the back. Do people forgo mullet jokes around them?….and that rat tail. What? Yes, I would like to have a hairstyle where it looks like I have a rat tail coming out of my head. Oh ok! I hope I will never have to have a serious conversation with someone sporting the rat tail….I would be so distracted wanting to cut it off.

No judgement here really, I have some serious frizzy wavy hair, but I think its a tish better than the mullet and rat tail.

My children are farting more and burping more out loud. As gross as it is, I think its hilarious….more so when I am no where near them to catch a whiff.

Burping and blowing. Burp and quick let out your air by blowing your stank in someones face. So gross, but so funny, as long as I am not the receiver. Who comes up with this? Here!!!!  Share my smell!

RoAD RAGE-i am questioning drivers all the time and wondering how on earth do you not know that the left lane is the passing lane. They sit there and have no idea of the madness they are creating. I love to look and glare at them as I pass by….well I used to…now I am a little more kind and just take a glance as to see another clueless driver.

Do you sometimes have a craving so bad that you give in to the treat, but then eat like 10 of them to potentially get sick and then you’ll never want them again? Me neither. ha.( I heard it doesn’t work anyways….your loves for Oreos will not be snuffed out.

I yelled a bit at the ref this past hockey game, after I did i paused eyes wide open and put my hand over my mouth…Whoops, that some how came out! In my defense the kid was roughing our player and didn’t get called on it, and we would get a penalty when we did….kinda justified right?