greasy saturday

IMG_2938tis the season to eat more. Eat more delicious crap and feeling bloated and guilty afterwards. how can you not though? I always say if I died tomorrow I would be super happy I ate those 12 oreos. Somehow that statement gets me everytime I ponder my next sweet indulgence,  and Im like well I better just eat them. Then, when Monday rolls around I can be on my bunny diet again. These greens taste so amazing…said no one ever.

On another note, how on earth can one have the tv on all day? This happens at my house and it can drive me batty. Lately, Sunday schedule is wake up, church, eat, and football. They will watch football from noon until they go to sleep. Once a game ends they change the channel and voila another game and another. On any given Sunday I can watch plays from like 6 games. Amazing? no. torture. I believe this hobby can be lived out either upstairs or downstairs but why on the main floor. Don’t get me wrong…since I have learned the game it makes watching it way more fun….but why for 9 hours straight? today its saturday and Im lucky because the Bison are playing, so Saturday and Sunday I get to watch football :/ So, since I am wanting us all be together I get some important internet searching done. Pinterest, to Facebook, then Instragam, followed by Car Soup and Amazon, off to Power school to see how the boys grades are, back to Facebook to see if anything happened, over to all recipes, then to trip advisor and book it so I can read and reread reviews of the place we are staying at late February. I will read them over and over and literally pump myself up for the trip, and by the time we get there I will have memorized the layout of the resort! Sweet right! and all while “watching football” with the fam, then I will watch the game as they yell mom watch, did you see that? Now I can yes and thank goodness for instant replay or I would literally miss everything. Back to surfing and yelling at the boys to get along….fighting over EVERYTHING. I peruse target and West Elm and really start to shop for a nice rug. Another interruption about who is sitting where and whose feet are touching whose.

I look around and see my 3 turds, i mean my three boys, and the big guy is already sleeping (1st quarter), the smallest is picking at something (typical), and the middle has his eyes glued to the tv all while rattling off stats and info that I have no knowledge about, but enjoy every word. The youngest has now moved and is somewhat attacking his dads toes, while Dad is sleeping. In all reality he thinks this is ok and I smile waiting the for the “OUCH” and to see the wrath of being woken up to biting. Then prancing, followed by eating, by smart remarks, back to snacking and then pushups on the island. I wish i would lose calories while watching them move.

Well its 14-0 Bison and I must check on that reindeer bark I made this am.

God Bless America and Football