tuesday talk

lists- i love lists. lists of odd things are even better.

I have a hard time keeping my voice inside quiet. She always has something to say. Its really annoying at times-she should be able to shut up but somehow her mouth opens. Oh the change a trait of 30+ years, meh its a work in progress. Now, back to those lists


So much bloody stuff. I look at all the potential presents for family and I think….he already has something like that, or he doesn’t need another toy, and I will have to buy so many batteries for this, presents have lost their specialness if that’s a word. I do go out of my way to find some neat unique stuff, but in the end it goes into the pile of stuff. So, it was cute for a week or two and now, just taking up space. How I wish to not consume stuff, but like most, I do. Seriously stuff gets in the way of life, we are prisoners to our stuff. We want more and more and will never be satisfied….its like clothing while buying a new pair of pants…..so cute and they fit so nice, but……yep I do have already 13 pairs of pants that I currently am wearing, this 14th pair is not necessary like at all….but…..Ill shovel out some precious cash for more more more.As you can see I have feelings about stuff.  A lot of feelings on it. ugh, that wasn’t a list.

The guy infront of you driving-can he not hear that his blinker is still blinking….hundreds of yards down the road it still blinks….like how can you not notice that flashing thing or hear the clicking noise. I don’t get it. If I had earplugs in, I would still hear it.

The lady at the counter of a store….like a big box store. You see me coming with my “stuff”, and you walk away from your station….what? where are you going? you can clearly see me….just to waltz in a full minute later and act like nothing happened. Fun fact- this happened to me last week at a fabric counter in walmart…the only time in life I will ever buy fabric. Well it is walmart, so I shouldn’t have expectations right?!

Why do you curl your hair everyday or style it? I don’t understand. It adds on so many minutes and you get fried hair at the end of the deal-why? natural and frizzy is clearly the best option:)

I ate a cranberry yesterday. Never tried that before…very SOUR!

I only brush my teeth in the morning-NEVER at night. Gross people say, but that is a lifetime of laziness for you. Don’t even mention washing your face? Seriously people, take my crazy person meds and off to bed.

Sometimes I look at all my medication bottles and think ” I am one pathetic loser”….(dumb and Dumber). I wonder who i would be without all of them? you will never know because I would have killed you! ha ha, I wouldn’t, but I would most likely not like you.

Studying the Bible is one of the best things in life. Its reading a map of your life as well as others maps and it tells you what to expect, how to handle it, and who to go to. It answers most all questions. You will know you are set apart and find purpose in daily living. It is most interesting how the words are literally alive, and apply to all. All this from a book that you could read over and over and still learn. Now, thats quite the book!!

too much rambles-im done. oh wait- i see one of my favorites! despite it looking like open water….it is ice.