too much time has passed

Once again, a long break from any thoughts. There have been plenty had, just no great time to sit down and write.

Anger once again is here. Everything I witness or encounter brings a little rage to the surface. I get unnecessarily angry about trivial things. Here is a sample of the anger triggers…

wrappers. why don’t they put them in the garbage after eating what you are eating. How do they walk by it over and over and not pick it up and toss it. I don’t get it. I have tried to leave it add up but the only one that goes even more batty is myself.

I am mad at myself for lazy parenting. I haven’t instilled proper morals and beliefs in my boys as well as I could have. They are to the point where church is stupid, we know everything, and can’t understand why they have to attend service. UGH. I think of ways to change this, to change the pattern….it becomes all too exhausting and I don’t do anything. The last thing I want is a forced love for God, but as long as we modeled and taught it, prayed about it and such our job is done.