As per usual I am a few years behind on the times. I started watching Parenthood on Netflix. What an amazing show. I have a feeling I will end up heartbroken for someone on the show but I must keep watching. I just love that family, and man does our little man have so much in common with Max. I can see us as parents in his parents on the show as well, it is so accurate of what it can be like.

So, the lizard starting eating worms now and I am elated. This darn thing for some reason means so much to me. It shouldn’t I know, I just really like him. So here I am with the lizard on one side and Russ on the other. I am not an animal person at all, but have a soft spot for these two. I clearly have too much time on my hands if I am having out with a lizard and dog….all while binge watching Parenthood. Wow Sarah you aim high!

A few days until I leave for Nicaragua. Part of me wants to be home already and the other part yearns for the adventure. Its like waiting to go to Disneyworld, the excitement that is. Im praying for good connections to be made and that miraculously I will be fluent in Spanish upon landing on Friday. These mission trips affect so many different things, not even intentionally, but its good. A change of atmosphere to get a fresh perspective on others in the world. To be immersed as much as we can in others we do not know, all while shining for Jesus. A break from family to rediscover myself as a person, aside from a wife and mom. Guy time alone without the nagging mom…There is so much more to add.

My brain has taken a turn as usual and I really don’t have much to say, nothing witty or new. Its been a few weeks like this….a calm before the storm….not really but kind of. An empty slow brain. Yup, thats a good one.

Speaking of good one, Brent had a good one this morning. Ive heard it many times but today it was used at the perfect time in the perfect situation. Brent was talking about working on some painting he was hired to do. The building was not so nice and needs repair. He said” I’ll just polish the turd”…..i love it. Such a good image and funny which I like. Who thinks of these? Awesome funny people do. Thanks Brent for using it at a perfect time.

and more Parenthood.