schools out

down comes boy #2 clearly obvious he is not starting on the right foot. He has his internet taken away for today and so begins a longer day than usual. Its amazing how much these kids can deplete you of all steam. He starts in right away about the TV and how it isn’t doing what he needs it to do. I offer help kindly as usual for him to say something sassy in return. This goes on and off for a few minutes as I am doing my devotions. I finally stop and tell him “up to your room”, “you can’t be down here with that attitude”…..blah blah blah he sasses back, and I smirk cause this kid is relentless….and if I don’t laugh about most of it my head will literally pop off. Up he stomps and I take a deep breath not allowing that event to ruin my morning.

5 min later in sass tone “mom, im hungry but I can’t come down”, you won’t let me cause I have to stay up here…blah blah blah he goes on. I ask him if he is asking me a question? I really want him to say Mom can I come down now and eat?Im hungry….but no he just says Im hungry and you said I can’t come down. The conversation is pathetic at best and once again I see the stubborn post we both sit on.

Once he asks the question Im like of course you can come down and eat if you leave that attitude out of here. He does, and standing my ground with him once again makes me spin, but he listens, so winner winner chicken dinner there is success!! I will not succumb to your crap. Not for right now anyway.

The testing never stops and trust me this was a little bump. the day is usually filled with little bumps, large bumps, speed bumps and usually a good car wreck.

As I write #1 has emerged and is chipper like most days. My heart sighs, and I know that somewhere along the line I did something right. Chatty as usual he tells me about everything and anything. I soak in all the sport statistics, practice play by plays, and random dances he does while waiting for his waffles to toast. Fantasy football, the new Ghost bat, Scheels gift cards, Christmas, random sentences switching from topic to topic has me smiling.  By now #2 has changed personalities and is in full boy mode talking about his bearded dragon, super worms, our trip to scheels, and so forth. This lizard I might say is a nice addition to our family. I really like her for some reason I don’t know. I mean a reptile and she isn’t even soft to pet, buttttttt I like her and talk to her and hold her. By now my bladder has reached capacity and I must take care of it. Just writing it out makes it worse-why do people hold their pee….I do all the time and I don’t know why. Dumb. Ohhhh its cause Im lazy to get up and go do it!