I care way to much for this stupid Lizard of my sons. I feel like I need to keep it alive, like he is a son or something.

I wish we wore uniforms somedays, like all of us. Just think, no tempting stores, no materialism , no fancy outfits, no trends to keep up with….I could go on. If someone wants to start the black outfit thing with me, call me!

I love to stare, especially while driving. I look at all the drivers around me constantly….like their faces. Im like I see you, but you don’t see me, and then Im like good gravy Sarah keep driving. Sometimes I test myself to see how long I can look straight ahead.

I still haven’t been able to say the cashiers name yet, it makes me puke just to think about it.

Cashier:Hi, find everything ok?

Me: head down, eyes to the side…. “yep”, even if I didn’t it still the Yep

Cashier and me are silent while bags are being filled. I annoyingly watch the till to make sure there are no price discrepancies cause I HATE that, and Then I will have to say something if there is.

Cashier: Thanks have a good day!

Me: Thank  you, you too!

Here lies the problema I just can’t say their name on their badge, Like thanks Frank you too, or Thanks Jenny you too. It is paralyzing for real. Sounds stupid cause it is. One day the day will come and I will say your name and it all will be well. Barf. puke barf puke….run and hide


When people let their dog poop on someones lawn and don’t clean it up, are they aware of what they are doing? and then somehow are ok with that? This should keep them up at night. Here I am waving my plastic bag around to show that I would never do such as thing. Look people I cleaned up the poop!!


ahhhhh, that was 2 minutes in my head. No wonder I sleep so well.