Its lifted

Every once in awhile I will be depression free. Not really, but the feelings are much more optimistic as well as my demeanor, etc. Today was a Bible Study day and for once the writing, lecture, lesson, whatever its called matched my story today.

This statement

The Lord know the fragility of your frame ( coming from Psalm 103:13-14)

How often do we consider whether or not the life of Jesus is being revealed through our suffering/

Its Our weakness that makes God shine brighter in us


Well, these statements give more meaning and purpose to the muck I can feel buried in. God can see the depression that hangs, the social anxiety which has become stupid, the add brain which can’t focus, and he’s like yep….I’ll use that for my Glory. The weaker I am the stronger he is shown.  With that I know that my troubles are momentary and one day I will be problem free. This is how Paul in the Bible lived his life. He suffered a LOT and literally was beaten and jailed for what He preached….but oh many knew Christ because of him. Paul had a thorn in the flesh which he lived with and God did not take it away on earth. Paul asked for it to removed, but his prayer was not answered in the life. I like to think his thorn was mental illness, so much hardship but singing for the Lord amongst it. An amazing man that was transformed from killer of Christians to a teacher of the Faith. Sweet. There is hope! use me,use me.

Now that was a mixed up mess of words but as per usual I will leave it there, because proof reading is never beneficial to me, I end up deleting and rewording and well I want it to say how it is said in my brain. Insane in the membrane, insane got no Brain. Yes, I hope you know that song. Cyprus Hill, not appropriate by any means but its true.