errands and more

Errands. What errands? I don’t understand errands. Why do people have errands all the time? and since they do, what are they for?

“I can’t”, I have errands?

What? Where? I have groceries to do and that could be put under shopping. So my one errand is shopping.  Where are you all going? and are you aware how busy you are making it? Now if I think of errands I think:

Pick up Bob’s sweaters at the cleaners

Return Jimmy’s Library Books

Pick up shoes getting fixed

Drop off stuff at Goodwill

Buy teachers a gift

But do People really do these things? Do your kids read? Mine don’t. Do you have things you wear that are actually dry clean only? Really-you do?Isn’t that annoying?.Do you have shoes that are getting fixed? I never had a pair that you would bother fixing over buying another pair (keep in mind, I do love my Menard jammies), teacher gifts….can’t you just buy that at Target or Walmart or Hornbachers or wherever you get your groceries at? Goodwill -ok that one is ok, but you really only do it once a year.

So, as per usual I am always a little puzzled when people say they are running errands. I keep wondering, where are they running to?

Im starting to realize the simpler I keep the day to day the clearer I can think, actually that’s a lie, but for real….i hate being busy. Barf.

I mentioned my boys don’t read. Well, they don’t at home anyway, and isn’t that ok? They do all their mandatory reading at school, but have no interest in doing it “for fun”. It seems like this is very important in families, to read. And again, why? I mean, you gain an incredible vocabulary, You understand far more than the average joe, most careers you need to be able to read well, but if you don’t have those benefits, isn’t that ok? I did all the read books at night and on our lap and blah blah blah, but I shouldn’t feel pressured or less than when I say my boys aren’t readers.

I am a part time reader. I only read books when I am trying to find something out, or learn something about something. I read my Bible, but again that is to learn something.

“oh, they just haven’t found a good series yet”… many times have I heard that. No-my boys are hands on everything. If it doesn’t involve moving or working with your hands they are not really intrigued in the activity. Now, they do have down time of course which are used for video games and TV, and for singing family songs on the rug (oh my never). It is taxing to stare at words on page, it hurts the brain.

IN school there is so much time spent on reading, and a tiny slice for activity. Reading scores are so important- why more important than their jumping skills? Both are needed but only one of them determines “your smarts”. anyways, my boys don’t read, and frankly I don’t care. Their other interests are just as important. Now, when one of the boys wants to be a writer or English teacher I will hate myself for the lack of reading.