what? its nice out

These dreaded words of it being nice out. Thats right.Dreaded. I prefer stormy and snowy so I can hibernate inside and I know I am not missing out. The season is close and I do get a tish giddy when it arrives. I just fed my boys a pathetic lunch of hot dogs, strawberries, yogurt, and carrots. I shouldn’t feel guilty right? oh but I do, because apparently the yogurt has too much sugar, the strawberries haven’t been rinsed, the carrots are not organic….they are eating white buns and well weiners….aren’t they made up of assholes of pigs. Ha, I love that one. Oh and the milk is 1% and Im sure its killing them.

I know darn well there is nutrition some where in there but “the Facebook” and the other stuff tells me otherwise, and for some unknown reason i believe it. All this discovery  of nutrition is exhausting. Can’t I just eat my chips and watch Breaking Bad. Now that will guarantee a smile. Nope-Im supposed to make a healthy choice of a pile of lettuce and…..nope nothing. That’s it, oh and for dessert a handful of almonds. Oh Yum, the crunch the flavor. Um no, not true the chips will always taste better.

Oh….i feel my ailment coming on, yep, I am sick because of my chips. No wait not the chips it was the $9.99 buffet special at Durbar Palace. It was sooooooo good, and it makes me feel good to eat something delicious. How much naan can you eat at once? I am sure I will beat you, its gross but so much better than that plain lettuce.barf.

In other news, my pajamas-just pulled from storage smell like peanut, the bearded dragon. I held her today for awhile. I am holding her because I truly believe she is dying and well she needs to be held these last days. Brent thinks Im crazy for thinking this. Im pretty sure Im right though, you should see it. Im reading for hours on the silly reptile and thats why I can have a professional opinion of it dying….cause it is. We haven’t even had it one week……and someone won/t let me bring it to the reptile doc. I get it, but for some reason I feel I need to revive this darn thing to good health. It could be in hibernation season which I read about, but really, could it be that it started as soon as she came here. She is stressed, so I have read,because she is in a new setting, but oh my, I am still talking about a bearded dragon.

You wanna know what boutique these amazing jams are from? Its a super cute small shop called Menards. Like a $7 special that I got from the hubs. I like to wear them and laugh at the fact that I am wearing clothes from Menards. They are me though, and I like what they stand for. Cheap fleece that is comfy and kinda smells like new tires is perfectly ok and preferred over some lame o jimmies from a boutique store. Oh media, oh world, you make us think we need your expensive crap, but we don’t. I will not fall prey to it, ok well not today.

well my pic won’t upload so….another time