the things that cross my mind in a minute

his fingernails are so gross, he needs to cut them

why is there crumbs on the counter

i need to sweep but hopefully Russell will do a good enough job

they are getting really old

why is it always noisy?

can i wear earplugs all the time or will that be offensive, or do I even care?

pause.let dog out.

i really wish my mind would be blank for a day

what are we going to have for dinner….


All thoughts turn to that one.It is the most hated thought of the day. As 2 pm comes and 3 pm nears my anxiety kicks in. It doesn’t matter if I have already thawed meat, or are prepared….its the actual starting to do it that leaves me harried. ¬†Starting to cut the meat or starting prep should be a breeze. I have no one at my knees needing attention, all house chores are done, boys are playing somewhere, and I sit and fret. Ridiculous i know, but that is the moments around 3 pm. I have tried to understand why i hate making food and can come up with some legitimate reasons…

  1. preparing for a half hour or one hour and it is eaten in 10 minutes. This is backwards. and then dishes to boot! wrong….should be 10 min of easy prep for an hour long enjoying dinner with family.
  2. so pointless-dont get me wrong i love good food, but why don’t we easily fill our bodies with whatever we need and then go about our day. We eat all this yummy stuff we take so much time and effort to prepare, all to poop it out tomorrow and start again.
  3. and the complaining of dislikes and refusals to eat. I hate this process!! Needless to say going out to eat is my favorite thing. Waste of money maybe but zero anxiety.

my internal barf meter is growing as its nearing 2 pm. I wonder why my boys are so dramatic. what a weird but funny gift.

let dog in